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Timber Flooring Sydney


Why Timber?


Timber floating floors have all feeling and warmth of real hardwood without the price tag. Like laminate, They are manufactured with a click-system installation process and are made of solid hardwood or an engineered timber combination with a real timber surface that resemble all the different natural species commonly used in homes around the country. They are extremely durable and low maintenance as well as being timeless in their appeal and beauty. They are scratch and scuff resistant but also have the benefit of being able to be sanded and refinished if they get damaged from your pets’ sharp claws or by dragging heavy furniture. Timber is the most sophisticated way to transform any space into a modern yet classic statement.


Brands We Stock:


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We stock a wide variety of brands including Premium Floors Australia, Godfrey Hirst and more.


Different Types Of Timber:


Floating timber floors are manufactured by using either solid timber or engineered timber boards. Solid timber is the more premium and luxurious option of the two. Engineered timber has the same look and feel as solid timber but is produced differently and is more cost-effective. During construction of the engineered timber boards, a 4-5mm strip of a real timber species is attached to the surface of a cheaper timber core and backing like plywood or MDF. This saves on costs but gives you the real thing on the surface. You can sand and refinish either type of board throughout their life spam. Timber comes in a variety of lengths, widths and thicknesses that will suit any design or style you are looking for.




Timber flooring is installed on foam underlay to create a softer underfoot feeling than traditional hardwood floors. You can choose from either the standard underlay or an acoustically rated underlay that has noise reducing qualities. Each different timber product is installed using a click-system whilst always leaving the correct expansion gap between the laminate and walls. To cover the expansion gap, we either install matching timber Scotia or we can take off and re-fit your existing skirting boards for a more sophisticated look. Timber can usually be installed with minimal floor preparation over a variety of sub-floors including timber, concrete and smoother ceramic tiles. Commonly timber is installed in a straight-board configuration with a random or brick pattern. For a more elegant and classier look, Timber can also be installed in the herringbone style.

timber flooring sydney

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