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Tuftmaster Carpets are one of Australia’s top carpet manufacturers. Their carpets are renowned for quality, durability and style. Looking for a

Tuftmaster Carpets in Sydney is a good decision on your part. With a Tuftmaster carpet on the floor of your home or commercial property, you can guarantee you’re getting flooring that will last the course no matter how much wear it gets. That can mean only one thing – exceptional value for money.

Eastwood Carpets & Flooring are Sydney stockists of Tuftmaster Carpets. We’ve been stocking their products and advising our clients on them for years with complete confidence. We can safely say, they are one of the best. We wouldn’t have Tuftmaster Carpets in our Ermington showroom if they weren’t. At Eastwood Carpets we don’t believe in stocking or installing anything second rate. We appreciate our customers so top-grade is all we deal with. Nothing less than that will do.


Sydney’s Leading Tuftmaster Carpet Stockist Sydney


What has made Eastwood Carpets Sydney‘s leading stockist of Tuftmaster Carpets? In a nutshell, our attention to detail and superior customer support. From the moment you step into the showroom, call us or contact us online, we’re at your service. No, we’re not going to sell you something you don’t want, but we’ll make sure you get something you do. That’s a fact which sets us apart from other Sydney stockists of Tuftmaster Carpets. Our clients come first.

Whether you want to carpet your bedroom, make your lounge more luxurious or add a touch of class to a sunken seating area, we’ll be happy to advise. What carpeting is best for an open plan office or heavily trafficked hotel foyer? We can help with that too. You only have to ask.
Our quotes, residential and commercial, are free of charge and come with no obligation. What they do come with though is an informative breakdown of cost for both product and installation. Those are the things our customers want to know so that’s what we provide. No questions asked.


Tuftmaster Carpets Stockist Australia


When you want to connect with a Tuftmaster Carpets stockist in Australia, make sure you connect with the best. Yes, that’s us at Eastwood Carpets & Flooring. Six decades of carpeting people’s properties means not only do we know what we’re talking about, we have the experience to back up our words. Not all of Sydney’s Tuftmaster Carpet stockists can say that so it’s something we’re not embarrassed to shout about. We have no doubt you’ll be singing our praises too when you get your Tuftmaster carpet from us. We’re not Sydney’s top Tuftmaster Carpets stockist for nothing.


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The first step is to contact our team, tell us about your project and then, if you’d like a quote, we can organise a time to quote your specific job. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the products we use, the installation process, and advise on which products suit best, plus pricing etc.

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