How To Get Stains Out Of Carpet

How To Get Stains Out Of Carpet

Stains on your beautiful carpet can be an eyesore and a source of stress, especially when they prove stubborn against your cleaning attempts. But, not to worry, with the right techniques and cleaning agents, you can win the battle against carpet stains. This article presents a detailed guide on how to get stains out of carpet, ensuring your carpet remains spotless and attractive. Eastwood Carpets & Flooring, a leading supplier and installer of residential, commercial and rental property carpets across Sydney, has all the necessary tips and tricks.

Dealing with Fresh Spills

The first few moments after a spill are crucial. The faster you act, the higher the chances of completely eliminating the stain. Start by blotting the spill with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel to soak up as much liquid as possible. Remember, blotting, not rubbing, is key to prevent spreading the stain or forcing it deeper into the carpet fibres.

How to Get Stains Out of Carpet: The Cleaning Process

Once you’ve blotted out as much of the spill as possible, it’s time for the actual cleaning. For common stains, a homemade cleaning solution can work wonders. Mix one cup of warm water with a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.

Apply a small amount of the solution to the stain, then gently blot with a clean cloth. Repeat the process until the stain is no longer transferring to the cloth. Rinse the spot with cold water and blot dry. Always remember to do a spot test in a hidden area first to ensure the solution does not discolour or damage your carpet.

The Challenge of Old Stains

For old stains that have set into the carpet, a more aggressive approach may be required. A popular method is using a mixture of white vinegar, warm water, and baking soda. Apply the mixture to the stain and allow it to sit for a few hours or overnight, then vacuum the residue once it’s dry. This method is often effective at lifting old stains.

Using Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

While DIY methods can handle many stains, some are simply too stubborn and may require professional treatment. Professional carpet cleaning services have specialised equipment and cleaning solutions that can handle virtually any type of stain.

Eastwood Carpets & Flooring provides top-tier professional cleaning services that can refresh and rejuvenate your carpet, removing the toughest stains and bringing back your carpet’s original charm.

Preventive Measures to Keep Carpets Stain-Free

While learning how to get stains out of carpet is useful, prevention is always better than cure. Applying a carpet protector can be a great way to prevent stains from setting in. Also, regular vacuuming can help reduce the amount of dirt that could potentially mix with spills to create stains.

Taking off shoes when walking on the carpet, or using area rugs and runners in high-traffic areas, can also be effective preventive measures.

Carpets bring comfort, luxury, and aesthetic appeal to any space. Maintaining their cleanliness and stain-free appearance is key to preserving their beauty and functionality. With these practical tips on how to get stains out of carpet, you can keep your carpet looking its best for years to come.


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